EScan Review

If you are looking for a nice and detailed eScan review for eScan Mobile Security for your Android device – you are on a right page. Below, we’ll describe feature of eScan Security and will find out how it works. Check the list of negative and positives sides of it that we discovered while making this eScan review.

Pros of the app:
This eScan review reveals many pros of the app.

Quite convenient: The app was created to be comfortable for an average user of Android device.

Multi-lingual: The eScanMobile app has several language variants for those who speak English, Spanish (+special version for Latin America), German, Vietnamese, French, Romanian, Netherlands, Japanese, Russian and Turkish, Russian. This is an important eScan pro.

Customer support: You are always able to contact user’s support if you need help or more information and get nice service.

Multi-optional: eScan Mobile Security provides not one feature but several – what is very convenient for you and your device.

Minuses of the eScan Mobile app:
It was quite hard to notice any problem or real minus while using the app.

eScan Mobile Security for Android OS – what is it about? 

eScan Mobile Security can protect your mobile device from malware and unauthorized access to any data that is saved in your mobile. It allows you to access internet and to receive files without any risk of a cyber virus attack.

The application can also be used as a block system in the case your device was stolen or lost. You can switch an alarm on that will allow you to find your mobile or will help to indicate a thrift. This eScan pro makes it very popular.

eScan Mobile Security app can also work as a parental control tool. The app allows to monitor phone’s location, switch alarm signal and block  device. eScan Mobile Security  can be activated remotely by sending a SMS on the device.

The app also activates frontal camera if more than two unsuccessful attempts to unlock the phone were made. After snapping a photo device will send it automatically to a pre-specified email. This app  often allows to return stolen or lost device.

Another function that can protect you or your children is a SOS SMS that will be send automatically to a phone number that is specified in settings. The function can be activated by shaking the device or pressing power button more than three times.

Some reasons to choose eScan Mobile Security app for Android OS

The app offers almost all possible up-to-date variants of protecting your phone both from cyber-attack and from thefts or a loss. It provides good opportunities for maintaining parental control and better security.

Creating more detailed eScan review we are naming the full feature list of the app:

  • Full anti-thief protection. It includes: phone block, taking a picture by frontal camera, sending notification about SIM-card change, switching the alarm on, removing certain information from the phone and tracking the device’s location.
  • Antivirus. Constant scanning and protection from most types of cyber threads.
  • Contact filter. The app filters SMS and calls.
  • Backup. Some information can be easily saved or restored on a memory card (e.g. SMS, contacts)
  • Parental Internet Control. The application allows to block websites. It also can block certain apps
  • Personal Date protection.  This feature of the eScan Mobile app allows seeing full list of apps that have access to data on the device.
  • Photo reporting. The app takes a snap with a frontal camera when someone is trying to unlock the device more than two times.
  • Free Sharing. You can share the application with friends or members of family using Bluetooth or even e-mail.
  • Widget. The app allows you to get real time information about device. You can optimize the settings any time and schedule the scan.
  • Language Choice. The app is multi-lingual that allows installing it with Russian, English, Spanish, German, Vietnamese, Chinese Turkish, Romanian, French and Netherlands interface.
  • Technical Support. You can access technical support any convenient time.

Which device is it compatible with?

In order to work normally the app needs special conditions:

  • Android OS (2.2 and above)
  • Not less than 10- 15 MB storage
  • Internet connection
  • The device shall not be rooted

How to install the app on your device?

You can both find the app in Play Store or follow the direct link to download it from the site:
After that save the app and tap on the saved file for further installation.

Licensed use

As soon as you buy the eScan Mobileapplication you also get a security key to activate the app. If you purchase a full package you will probably get the key included in it, otherwise, you can get the code on your e-mail or via SMS.
One license key works for one device only. There are also two ways of the app activation: SMS and internet verification. They both work well, but verification via internet can be processed immediately, while the SMS variant will take up to 48 hours.

As soon as the app is about to be started some data is required:

  • Key
  • Name
  • e-mail
  • Country

If you activate a Free Trial version you can use the application without entering the key for 2 weeks.
Device Admin Settings

Having administrator’s access you can set following options:

  • Erase All Data. You can delete all data saved on the device and have an information reset.
  • Change the Screen Unlock Password.
  • Set Password Rules. You can chose length of the password and specify number of incorrect entries of password.
  • Monitor Screen Unlock Attempts. Get information on attempts to unlock your device.
  • Lock the Screen. Control locking time and condition for a screen.
  • Lock Screen Password Expiration. Set the regularity for the password to be changed.

Secret Password

As soon as you start to use the app you are asked to set a password for the app. It may take 4-16 characters. In the case you forgot your password you can ask to recover it by sending notification and instructions to your e-mail, that is specified for the application.


eScan Mobile Security antivirus is a good way to protect your advice from cyber viruses. It also scans files and apps that you install in order to prevent your OS from any malware.

You can start scanning on your own or you can also set a schedule of scanning.
There also three variants of scanning: Folder Scan (for a folder only), Full Scan (all data that is saved in the phone and memory card), Memory Scan (for installed files).

Parental Control.

This eScan pro will allow you to customize filters that will prevent any reach to specified sites or apps. You can chose categories of sites to block. In this eScan review we will instruct you how to set parental control.

How to set parental control mode

– Tap the icon of eScan Mobile Security and chose parental control from the main menu of the eScan Mobile app. After this an additional options will appear.
– Tap the Sub-Menu Mode in order to open another dialogue box.
– Chose required options for setting control.

 App Block

If you choose Block the Application mode you’ll be able to block certain applications in order not to be accessible for your child. To use the function you should:

– In a Parental Control Tab tap  Application or Both Mod (second variant is good for the case when you plan to block some sites as well)
– As soon as you tap Block Application you are able to see list of apps installed.
– Now you can allow or block an application –  just tap it.

Website Block

Using the function of website Block you can easily determine which types of sites are allowed to be visited and which are not. The function works correctly with Chrome Browser and with default Android Browser.

– In a Parental Control Tab tap Block Websites or Both Mod.
– Tap Block Websites to get a list of sites categories.
– Now type each category making it allowed or forbidden for use.

Call and SMS control feature

You can also filter all incoming calls or SMS. Use numbers and names to specify which contacts shall go to black or white list. While using this feature you are seeing sub-menu where you can specify information for identifying those calls and SMS to be banned. Another eScan pro is that you are able to specify not only contact information but some words (variant for SMS).

Anti-theft feature

eScan Mobile Security application has wide range of protective means that helps to fight any unauthorized access to the device.

Among them:

Block – sending a SMS command to your mobile you can block it from use.
Data Wipe – you can also delete all information saved in your Android device without physical access to it.
SIM Watch – you are being notified about change of a SIM card in your device.
Lock Watch – Frontal Camera will snap a picture and the eScan Mobile  app will address it to your e-mail in the case when someone will enter invalid unlock code more than twice.
Scream – you can switch a loud alarm on your devise, activating it with SMS. The signal will stop only after entering a secret code.

General eScan Security feature

eScan Mobile Security has a feature that protects holder of the device in certain situations. This feature sends SOS SMS mentioning location of the device to an alternative number that shall be specified in settings. You can also chose text of an SOS SMS or create it on your own. It can be activated by following actions:

  • Pressing Power Button. The SOS SMS is send after pressing power button 3-5 times.
  • Shaking. If you shake device 3-5 times you see SMS ready to be send. All you have to do is to tap “Send SMS”

To summarize the whole eScan review

eScan Mobile Security is a reliable protective system for Android device. The app works on most Android device and updates itself regularly.

Another eScan pro is that the app protects your device from cyber viruses. It also allows you to control incoming calls and SMS. It helps to avoid your child visiting some types of sites if you block them and it helps to protect your device from thefts and unauthorized use with phone block, alarm, camera snaps etc. eScan security system is able to send SOS SMS if needed.