Phone Detective

Reverse Phone Detective Review

We’ve checked Reverse Phone Detective spying tool for number lookup and ready to make our detailed cell detective review that allows to understand what the reverse detective phone tool is about and how it works.

You can also skip reading the phone detective review and try the tool for free for a limited period of time.

Main pluses of the tool:

The tool is very easy to use, it has understandable and intuitive program. The whole system works well and fast.

Many features.
Phone Reverse Detective has several features, It allows you to check information about the holder of the phone, giving full list of logs etc.

Technical support works well, you can call them any time if you have trouble with the tool.

Main minuses of the tool:

It contains US database only and it can’t work for other countries. However, the database is regularly updated, so you can receive most accurate reverse phone lookup
any time.

What Phone Detective is

Phone detective is a convenient tool that allows you to recognize and locate any unknown number in the United States. The cell phone lookup spy tool gives you an access to a detective database with all information about US phones and their holders. It has a search engine that works fast and usually provides the full lookup within 30 seconds only.

Safety and Confidentiality

The Phone Detective tool is absolutely safe to use, it can be used anonymously without any reverse search information record.

Reasons for using Phone Detective tool

There are many reasons for having your own reverse phone spy tool, some of them are:

1.Annoying calls
Someone calls you in the middle of the night or bothering you when you at work? Using Phone Detective it’s easy to get information on phone’s holder and check the location of the phone.

2.Friends of your child
Parents of children are often worry when they don’t know who their children spend their time with. If you see your child typing to a stranger or calling unknown number you can easily check if the number has any relation to criminals using reverse phone number spy.

3.Contact information check
Have you ever fought a feeling that a person in front of you may be a liar or criminal trying to give you wrong contact or personal information. Using Phone Detective it’s very easy to check if a person gives you correct number and personal data.

4.New people in your life
If you hesitate about any person in your life – just check the accurate true data about them. It may be a good variant to know if your new partner is honest with you, if your friend has pure intention and if your new neighbor is not a criminal.

Are you intrigued to check information about your own number in the database? Another phone detective pro is that you can get access to the information about your own number and yourself.

How to search on a phone number with Phone Detective tool.

You shall start with going to Phone Detective site where you shall enter the number that you are interested about and click a search button. Rest of the work will be done by search engine.

Usually it takes 30 – 60 seconds to get a full reverse report on a target number. Reports include some basic information about the owner like:

  • – Phone Number;
  • – Date;
  • – Location;
  • – Type of the phone.

The good news is that this information is available for free search and you can also make any number of phone search without any payment. In addition, if you want to get more detailed reverse report you shall become a registered site member that considers payment.

Process of purchase

If you found target number in the database with free access, you may want to get more detailed report on number’s holder. You will be able to get more information shortly after payment and purchase.

The whole purchase process is safe as you can pay money through ClickBank page. There you shall also enter some basic information for ordering. In your own bank account the purchase will be marked as „CLKBANK*COM“

Review on Full Report From Phone Detective

In a few seconds after your purchase is processed you are able to get full detective report with more detailed information. Usually it contains:

  • – Full name of number’s owner;
  • – Street address of the owner;
  • – Type of a phone line (mobile or landline);
  • – Phone company’s name;
  • – Current GPS location;
  • – Previous address record;
  • – Additional numbers of the owner (if there is any);
  • – Possible relatives of the owner;
  • – Records of crime (if there is any);
  • – Information on holder’s neighbors;
  • – Links to social profiles in internet.

The report may also contain more details depending on the case.


You can pay for getting data for one number only, that costs 14.95$. Also you can buy a Premium Membership package that will allow you to check an unlimited number of phones for one year, it costs 39.95$

Comparing reverse phone detective tool’s price with other offers in the internet and other phone detective reviews – it may be the cheapest offer among tools with approximately the same number of features.

If something went wrong

If you have any troubles using Phone Detective tool there are two variants to decide the problem.

Number 1. Ask technical support for more information or explanation. Their stuff are friendly and willing to help you. They will record your question trying to provide you with fast and useful answer.

Number 2. Ask for the complete refund.
In the case if there is no another solution for a problem, you can ask for a refund. The company returns full amount of money on your bank account after you request it.

In any case the risk to loose your money is very low. If you are looking for a good tool for a reverse phone detective lookup and care about your money to be spent wisely – Phone Detective may be a nice variant. The detective tool gives you a lot of general and detailed personal information for a record low price or even for free.


Phone detective is a very powerful cell phone detective tool that allows you to get information on number’s holder immediately. The reverse phone lookup spy tool works online. The phone detective database of the reverse phone detective system includes US numbers only nut it’s often updated that gives you access to latest data. Using the cell phone detective tool you are also able to check previous addresses of the holder of the phone, information on neighbors, surrounding and even more.
Phone Detective tool is probably best offer of this type for today. According to numerous cell detective reviews tool’s quality is on the very high level.