When you face a situation in which you need to use an advanced monitoring technology, there is no better option than flexispy. This tracking tool keeps its top positions among other software that can provide qualified recording, calls checking, together with ambient noise recording due to usage of built-in microphone. While current market offers thousand of tools, flexispy has its unique features that any other software lacks. This flexispy review will distinguish all the benefits the software can bring every person, who tends to find the top-notch tracking instrument. In the same time, according to flexispy reviews, many users have already chosen flexyspy as the most preferable monitoring app.

In numerous flexispy reviews a profound research was conducted in order to determinate how does flexispy work, and whether it can be called a powerful tool or not. According to recent flexispy review, the software have already shown its high efficiently and can be easily called one of the most powerful cell phone spy software. In the same time, while answering the question about software powerfulness, the researches agree that the tool is quite complicated in use. Moreover, if saying does flexispy work on every device, the importance of phone jailbreak solution must be mentioned, as the tool operates only on device that was previously jail broken or rooted.

Staying a little bit more than a year on the market, the flexispy app showed its seamless operational opportunities, user-friendly design and broad possibilities of flexispy apk. Moreover, there will be no difficulties with the flexispy app usage and installing, as flexspy allows everyone, even people with low knowledge in the latest technologies, to use flexispy apk effectively. The control panel of an app is easy to navigate, so the user will feel no difficulties with the software usage. Besides, due to the app’s high functionality and visibility, it takes only a little of time to prepare it for a proper operating.

What Is Flexispy: Key Features and Packages

It is easy to flexispy download, as you can reach flexispy.com whenever you want. Moreover, on the official website, flexispy.com, every user will find some additional information about app’s usage and installing details. When flexispy download, two packages will be available for every customer: Premium and Extreme ones. Both packages allow tracking any device’s activity. In the same time, while Premium package offers basic possibilities, Extreme package provides extra call recording and interception features. On the flexispy.com, you can look through a comparison chart, where all the features of both packages are analyzed in detail.

FlexiSPY Premium Version

The premium version is the one with all the standard features that allow tracking device and monitoring phone owner’s activities. With this package, you can look through all the messages, call logs, multimedia files and browsing history. The app also lets user to check all the activities in the most popular social networks, including Facebook, Line, WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat and others.

The main features of Premium Package are following:

  • Keyword Notes – In a case of some established keywords usage, you will be noted. It is a very crucial feature, if you are trying to prevent your kids from drugs or other dangerous things usage.
  • Manage Apps – This option allows blocking or uninstalling definite applications.
  • Update and Upgrade Remotely – You can easily upgrade a device or update some information even staying away from it.

FlexiSPY Extreme Version

The Extreme Version has more useful features than the basic one can provide. In addition to already mentioned features of Premium Package, Extreme Version provides following advanced options, including:

  • Call recording
  • Live Call Intercept
  • Ambient Recording

Moreover, flexispy has one exceptional advantage over other applications that provide familiar services. In a first turn, as it operates outside of the United States, it can avoid StealthGenie legal hassle. While other software faces difficulties in the situation occurred, flexispy software works without problems, through a loophole. In the same time, company always reminds its customers to obey the laws.

Software Advanced Features: How It Operates?

All the features the software provides works reliably and seamlessly. Nevertheless, the proper work of cellular signal also distinguishes the quality of the app operating. It means, with no good signal on the target phone, call recording will be of low quality.

Call intercept is another feature people pay a lot of attention to, as it allows getting very useful information. Once being hooked as a third party into someone’s call, you gain the information you previously has no chances to get. While you are staying completely unnoticed, as your phone stays muted, you obtain all the information without even a slightest risk to be busted. The only condition you should follow for the feature usage is a 3-way calling option on your phone.

Even with a bunch of extremely powerful features, the most effective option in Extreme Package is a Keylogger. This feature allows easily cracking passwords, usernames, and other paroles gaining access to all the information available. Moreover, Extreme Version often offers additional features you should check for on the official website.

How FlexiSPY Operates

FlexiSPY is a user-friendly software, which is both easy in use and installing. The technology is very convenient and comfort for customers, and it operates very efficiently and quickly. The navigation is convenient as well, and requires no special skills or knowledge. The built-in installation wizard guides every user through an entire installation process. While other software makes a process of installation quite difficult, flexispy install procedure is clear and quick.

With an efficient support system, it is easy to reach company’s representatives for a help round-the-clock. You will get your answers through live chat or e-mail. Moreover, you can get a link on a certain source with the materials you may need for your proper work with an app. This helps to take care of any issue connected with the software correct usage. In addition, knowing all the apps’ possibilities, you will be able to use its full potential. Profoundly written materials, video tutorials, and other sources are available for you.

Furthermore, you gain a transferable software license while purchasing the spy-monitoring tool. It will allows you easily switching from Android device to iOS or vice verse, if needed. The license transferring is easy procedure for all the app’s users. The Company also provides a 10-day money back guarantee that allows returning an app and getting full refund, in case the customer is not fully satisfied with the software. It is a useful option to have a chance to return a software if it meets no your needs or expectations.

FlexiSPY is a very language-friendly, as it provides services in numerous languages, including English, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, German, Portuguese, and Thai. When you are dealing with a device monitoring, the tools you use must always be legal. It is prohibited to use illegal software. When you want to check on your kid or employee, it has its points. However, in the case with the other adult’s phone monitoring, you can face problems with the law, and become a subject to penalty.


The company always updates the list of devices compatible with the software in order to meet all the customers’ needs and expectations. Currently, the software is compatible with a huge list of devices. Even despite the versions of flexispy android and flexispy iphone are the most popular, the list of maintained devices is getting bigger every day. Therefore, if you have not seen your device there, check for it later. First, when ordering a software, make sure your phone is on the list of compatible devices.

The list of currently supported OS is following:

  • Android devices (up to OS version 6.0)
  • iPhone and iPad devices (up to iOS 9.1)
  • Nokia Symbian (both Anna and Belle based platforms)
  • BlackBerry (up to version 7.1)

FlexiSPY Pricing

The company provides few packages to meet all the customers’ needs. Every package has its own price and features provided. Premium Package price differs between $69 for a month and $149 for a year. The advanced Extreme Package costs $199 per 3 months, or $349 for a year.

While any customer who wants to monitor other person’s device for a small price can use Premium Package, the more costly Extreme Package is specially design for those users who need few additional features for their successful spy activity. In the same time, every customer who expects to use call intercept and recording feature, has no other option as to order Extreme Version. In the same time, on the current market, the company is the only one that provides advanced features mentioned.

How to Get Started

In order to use a software, follow the next instructions:

  1. Purchase a license for a target phone.
  2. Install an application on the target phone.
  3. Use all the software’s features while tracking target device over Control Panel.


FlexiSPY is a highly effective and powerful tracking software with exceptional features. The software is reliable and efficient. With the great advantage of being located outside of the US, the company offers exceptional possibilities for users. On the current market, the software keeps its highest position among other familiar spy-monitoring tools.