Win Spy Review

Win Spy Review

Here we are going to speak about main feature of the Win Spy software, mentioning its facility and all information that may be useful for a user who is looking for solution how to spy android phone from pc

Cons of the app (according to computer monitoring software reviews)

  • – The app is a comfortable and advanced computer spy tool, it allows to monitor information about the device and its holder in real time regime.
  • –  There are many video-instructions for easier work with the software if you have no experience of dealing with the facility.
  • – The spy app for pc has not only popular feature for all spy apps but also includes rare feature.

  • – Founders pay much attention to customer’s care, giving you an opportunity to contact technical support any time, you can also ask for a money refund in a case you are not satisfy with the application.
  • – Win-spy is more than affordable by price. The software has good facility and record low price for such type of applications.

Minuses of the win-spy app

There is nothing to mention as a serious disadvantage of the application, it’s one of the best laptop spy software to monitor both Android devices and PC

General Information about Win Spy

Win spy is a tool to monitor almost all kind of information on a phone secretly. The program can be used for remote monitoring without being detected by router or firewall. Its main facility:

  • – not detected by common tools (e.g.: router)
  • – can be connected with your email;
  • – has direct connection;
  • – coded messages and FTP;
  • – has an anti-virus protection;
  • – task manager hide feature;
  • – windows start hide;
  • – program files hide;
  • – processes hide.

• The software is quite innovative and can be called most popular and functional spying tool of common access in the internet.

Reasons to choose Win-Spy as your main monitoring tool!

There are numerous benefit what you can get purchasing Win-Spy app:
– unrestricted monitoring of computer or web. cam any time you want;
– you can switch a microphone on to listen to conversation;
– you can use the app for any target like: e-mail check, history or conversations, etc.
– you can get a screen picture of a target computer any time;
Common price for Win-Spy package in 39,95$. Buying it you will get:
– Full list of monitoring facilities
– Remote PC’s Monitor 10X
And some bonuses:
– 2X Android Tracking Apps
– 1X Local PC Installation

Win Spy is a wonderful combination of high quality and affordable price. Currently the app is a selling hit with great numbers of positive feedbacks.

Main Monitor Facility:

1.Web-cam use.
You can activate web-cam facility of a target device and see the real-time picture any time you want.

2.Microphone activation
Using an internet connection you can activate a microphone on a target computer and get not only sound of internet chats but also monitor the surrounding.

Important: using web-cam and microphone secret activation can be a useful spying tool, but it also can be a breaking into someone’s privacy, so, please, be sure that you use this feature for a legal purpose. For more information, please, contact client’s support department.

3.Information on on-line conversations.
The Win-Spy facility can monitor chats in Skype, MSN, GoogleTalk, Yahoo, ICQ, Facebook, Trillian, IAM and MySpace.

4. Other features.
There are also other features that are not so popular but still interesting. Among them there are: screen shots, view and record of computer web-cam streaming, remote microphone check (including listening and record), remote file check (most formats), remote PC control: shutdown, anti-virus use, logging off, reports on actions (chats, visited websites, login attempts etc.).

With the Win Spy app it’s possible to monitor up to 10 computers simultaneously. Yu can also install and uninstall the software on Android devices in remote regime.

Monitoring Facilities for Android devices:

The winspy app is very useful for computer monitoring but it can be used for spying after Android devices as well. There are quite common features like: SMS and calls monitoring, checking information on social sites, location detection feature, browsing history and contact track feature, checking multimedia files etc.

But what really makes the software special is call and surrounding recording. It’s really hard to find a good spying computer tool that would offer this feature for Android devices.

The winspy app can work on up to 2 Android devices, up to 11 PCs (including 10 – on remote control and 1 local PC). Till now it may best internet offer that has ever been made for the record low price – 39.95$.

Any guarantee?

A good prove for product’s quality is over 200 000 feedbacks from users that were satisfied with the app and its support. There is a great chance that it will work well for your purpose also.

Will you manage to avoid any risk?

You will not waste your money purchasing the app. Its producers are ready to return your money in the case if you are not completely satisfied with the application in 30 days after the purchase.

What to do if you face any difficulties?

If it happens that you have any question on the winspy app’s work or faced any problem – you can contact client’s support. It works 24/7 and does its best to provide useful recommendations. The managers are friendly and willing to help.
E-mails for contacting the support department:



This Win Spy review is a detailed and honest description of the application: its feature, facility and specialties alongside with some general information that may be interesting.

The winspy app is a very powerful and effective spy tool for personal computer but it can also be used to monitor Android devices.

Comparing feature and opportunities that the app offers, its quality and affordable price we can say that the software is the best internet offer till now.

Another good thing is that producers are ready to refund full price of the app. In the case you are not satisfied with the software you can address the support and apply for refund within 30 days after buying.